Hair Tie Club

Hair Tie Struggles...SOLVED!

It's so easy! We offer premium, no-snag, no-stretch, no-snap Hair Ties on a subscription basis. Because we know you've got a lot going on...the last thing you need to worry about is getting gouged for the most basic tool you use to tame your luscious locks.

So sign up for one of our subscriptions now and free yourself to live your life...with fly hair ties showing up on your doorstep once a month - making sure you've always got the freshest hair accessories for the lowest price - guaranteed! 


Our subscriptions are monthly and delivered based on your order date. Choose from three subscription plans, $1 for Three Ties each Month, $2 for Six Ties each Month, or go bold with $3 for Nine Ties - every Month!

Choose from palettes dictated by color, mood, or hair hue. Wear 'em on your wrist, ankle, in your hair or keep 'em lying around as a pretty-little-addition to any nightstand or dresser around!